War Horses Week: Invisible Horses

While wild horses in the right environment can blend beautifully into their background, the better to fool predators, it’s another story with domestic horses – especially those pressed into service in battle. The Camoupedia is a blog dedicated to the art of becoming invisible. Fascinatingly, it includes three posts about the camouflaging of horses in […]

War Horses Week: Walking Wounded

I raided Pathé’s glorious YouTube channel for some footage of very weary, injured horses being assessed at a Blue Cross hospital during the 1914–1918 war. There’s no information about what country this might be, but the hats of some of the assistants look a bit French. If you have more of a clue than I […]

Women, Horses and World War One

(Look on this as a kind of missing chapter from If Wishes Were Horses.) Part two of this post will be available here from 2nd June 2014. When I wrote If Wishes Were Horses I tried to take the story of girls and ponies from Lascaux to My Little Pony as neatly as I could. […]