If Wishes Were Horses: Mary Breese

If you know any more about Mary Breese, I’d love to know. I tried contacting the holders of Sarah Josepha Hale’s  library to find out if they could think of her source for writing about Mary (a very long shot) and also perused British sporting magazines and Norfolk papers from the time of her death. […]

Run for the Rosie

‘When Rosie Napravnik was 7 years old, she rode in her first pony race. “I was pretty much hooked to the thrill of the speed since then,” she said.’ On Saturday Rosie will become the seventh woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Read more about her here and watch her in […]

Yomping Home

The British Pathé News site is a treasure trove of vintage films. I found this clip of a 1927 ladies’ point-to-point by sticking “sidesaddle” in the search engine, and what a sight it is. Frankly, much of the riding looks pretty awful! The accompanying notes say there is no information on where it was filmed, […]