The War Horses of Somalia

I just finished reading a 1996 essay by the Somali scholar Said Sheikh Samatar called “Somalia’s Horse That Feeds Its Master”. It has much to say about Somali history and character, but I thought I’d glean the stories of the horses for you, because after all, why else are we on this blog? Until the […]

Wild Hares and Horse History

One of the things I’m most neurotic about in researching horse history is new angles and fresh material. A huge amount has been written about horses over the millennia, and while I try to dig deep into that knowledge to explain the history, I’m also obsessed with finding something that will make more seasoned readers […]

Steppes Daughters

Thank you to Andrew Curry for passing on this photo–audio essay about a boarding school for cossack girls in Russia by Anastasia Taylor-Lind. Please click through to watch – it’s absolutely stunning. More details and photographs on Anastasia’s website (linked above).

War Horses in Paradise

The Pakistani Army’s 10,000 acre stud farm at Mona produces donkeys, mules, Arabs and Thoroughbreds for use in the forces. They also keep Suffolk Punches both for their own sake and as parents of particularly sturdy mules – thus maintaining a pocket of the rare breed. I love the mule training at the end of […]