War Horses Week: Invisible Horses

While wild horses in the right environment can blend beautifully into their background, the better to fool predators, it’s another story with domestic horses – especially those pressed into service in battle. The Camoupedia is a blog dedicated to the art of becoming invisible. Fascinatingly, it includes three posts about the camouflaging of horses in […]

Women, Horses and World War One

(Look on this as a kind of missing chapter from If Wishes Were Horses.) Part two of this post will be available here from 2nd June 2014. When I wrote If Wishes Were Horses I tried to take the story of girls and ponies from Lascaux to My Little Pony as neatly as I could. […]

Call Up for a War Pony?

This is a gem. In 1914 a little British girl wrote to Lord Kitchener to beg him not to take her pony away to war. The letter has survived, along with photos of the pony, Betty. “Dear good Lord Kitchener, We are writing for our pony which we are very afraid may be taken for […]