Upstairs, Downstairs

“I once caught an abigail in an English house pirouetting before the cheval-glass, dressed in my riding-breeches, and grinning delightedly with a hand on either side of her waist. By way of punishment, I made her divest herself of the trifles in my presence, and by doing so found that she had augmented the evil […]

How to Buy a Sidesaddle on eBay

As the title has it: a detailed and very useful set of guidelines for purchasing sidesaddles on eBay complete with photos and some nuggets of historical detail. The author trots out not only in high Victorian rig, but also in Tudor and seventeenth century-stylee – in the Duke of Newcastle’s menàge, no less.

Strange Girls and Fairytale Horses

Please click through to see these wonderfully sinister horse-headed girls and a horse called White Wings with a trailing, Rapunzel mane and tail, which led me on to this page of long-haired Oregon horses of the nineteenth century: “In the early history of Oregon traditions of a herd of magnificent wild horses that roamed at […]