Pimlico Blows a Horn

If Pegasus sprang forth from the Hippocrene fountain on Mount Helicon, then I’d guess that “Kegasus” flopped out of a spray of flat Budweiser in a place I’d rather never visit. Yes, Kegasus. Kegasus the Centaur (let’s not get too deep into Greek myths and what centaurs did to women and the fact that they […]

Bits and Bobs

English50cent translates for 50cent Tetley Tea gives a Spanish gelding called Sydney a lifetime supply of tea A new brumby recycling guide Ebony Horse Club wins an FEI award Mysterious theft of Montana horses’ manes and tails Equine behaviouralists discover that some horses act as “peacemakers” in the herd Mutilating a horse for fashion’s sake, […]

Dressage vs. Stressage?

Dr Reiner Klimke on Ahlerich at the 1984 Olympics (victory lap here): Edward Gal on Moorlands Totilas at the 2010 World Equestrian Games: And, for the hell of it, the Andalusian who stole the crowd’s heart in Kentucky:

Heavy Horses: Peak Oil

The 1960s and 1970s saw a surge of interest in heavy horse breeds just as the animals were vanishing on British farmland, replaced by the tractor and the truck. People began to start working with horses again, keen to “preserve the old ways”, and heavy horse visitor centres sprung up where tourists and locals could […]


Peter Atkins of the Australian team and his horse Henry Jota Hampton, or Henny, take us round the World Olympic Games 2010 cross-country course in Kentucky courtesy of a helmet cam. Just watch those ears! If you want to contribute to this partnership, or learn more about Henny, who was picked up by Atkins for […]

Is American Horsemeat Safe to Eat?

When people start talking about how horsemeat is just like beef or pork and why shouldn’t they eat it, etc etc, I always say, sure! go ahead! but do you know the source of the horseflesh you’re eating? If you can guarantee that the horse you’re making into steak was (a) raised wild or (b) […]

Forbidden Flesh

I’ve become interested in the trade and tradition of horse meat consumption as part of my research. We ate horses for 90,000 years before we thought to ride them, and yet horse meat is a taboo substance in the Anglo world – very much a case of them vs. us, “civilised” vs. “barbarians”.  I have […]

Stop Round Ups of Mustangs and Burros in America

The Humane Society of the United States is asking for signatures to stop the removal of wild equines from open land in America by the Bureau of Land Management. Sign here. More on the background here.

Of Oil and Wild Horses

The American mustang has long since passed from resource (for war, for ranching, even for movies) to designated “pest” in the eyes of the government. A couple of years ago I read Deanne Stillman’s excellent, detailed history of the mustang which takes in everything from the sea crossing from the Old World to nineteenth-century cattle […]