What Do Horses Mean In New York?

I’ve been hoofing around New York and DC in the pursuit of a holiday and book two (which will be out in, ooooooh, 2015?). Shanks’ Mare and I saw a surprising number of equines on our travels, although we missed the zebra and pony on the loose on Staten Island. Books two and three are […]

Riding High

A short and beautiful fragment of film on riding horses in inner-city Philadelphia. Philly is also home to Work to Ride, an organization that fielded the winning team at the 2011 US Polo Association’s National Interscholastic Championship. Via Fugly Horse of the Day.

Team Up!

Work to Ride are an excellent Philadelphia-based organisation that has been providing “disadvantaged urban youth from Philadelphia with constructive activities centered around horsemanship, equine sports, and education” since 1994. The kids, aged 7–19, have taken to polo in a big way, and this week their team won the United States’ Polo Association’s National Interscholastic Championship. […]

And to lighten the depressing snippets of the earlier post still more, here’s one of Vivian Maier’s photos from 1950s Chicago (thank you, Amro!), showing a young man riding a draft horse bareback through the city, and the story of a 1909 carousel in Spokane, still turning. I particularly enjoyed the explanation of the difference […]