What Do Horses Mean In New York?

I’ve been hoofing around New York and DC in the pursuit of a holiday and book two (which will be out in, ooooooh, 2015?). Shanks’ Mare and I saw a surprising number of equines on our travels, although we missed the zebra and pony on the loose on Staten Island. Books two and three are […]

Princesses on Unicorn Cobs Passing

Delighted to find this sign on the Aylsham–Blickling road in Norfolk – a serendipity after a wrong turning. There was one on each side of the road. I like to think it was doctored as a birthday surprise for someone.

Its Ears Will Terrify

It is said of the three-legged ass that it stands in the middle of the wild sea, and it has three feet, six eyes, nine mouths, two ears and one horn. Its body is white, it eats spiritual food and is virtuous. And two of its six eyes are in the eyes’ place, two on […]