Sunday Morning Time Travel

Wonderful news for overworked writers who don’t have time to maintain their blogs: British Pathé have uploaded their stock of vintage film clips to YouTube. As the old slogan of the British tabloid the News of the World used to claim, “all human life is there”, and quite a bit of horsey life too. So […]

Fair Girls on Grey Horses

Fantastic news via Fran Jurga’s Equus blog: Hannah Zeitlhofer, one of the two first women to be admitted to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna (video from 2008), qualified as an “Bereiteran’wärterin” on the 1st May. This means she can now take part in the famous school’s public displays. British-American rider Sojourner Morrell dropped out […]

Off White Horses: First Woman at Spanish Riding School Becomes Model

Ever wondered what happened to the two young women who were the first admitted to train at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna in 2009? Austrian Hannah Zeitlhofer is still there (judging by a photoshoot I saw in A Magazine in spring/summer 2010. Sojourner Morrell, the British-American teenager and youngest of the pair, left after […]