Rollkur, the FEI and Byrialsen: An Interview with Julie Taylor of Epona TV

UPDATE: Here. Last month’s Ecco FEI European championships in Herning were the biggest sporting event of the  year for Denmark. Hundreds of riders and thousands of fans came from across the continent for dressage, paradressage and show jumping competitions. But amid the clear rounds and medal ceremonies there was a groundswell of discontent with the […]

The Cow Jumped Over the… Upright

15-year-old Regina jumps over an obstacle with her cow Luna in the Bavarian town of Traunstein in southern Germany. Regina decided to pursue her hobby of show jumping, despite not having a horse at her disposal A drastic solution to the pony-mad-but-ponyless problem. Nice touch with the boots. Incidentally, “Golden Gorse” aka Muriel Wace, the […]

Rehabilitating a Young Offender

“Zara Doidge-Walker, who runs Barnt Green Horse and Animal Rescue Centre with her mother Rayna, took second in the Blue Chip RLF Joint Power on the five-year-old Biberty Boberty Boo – one of their rescue horses. ‘We got a phone call from the police that an 18-month-old filly was running riot in Stourbridge town centre,’ […]

The Answer to My Childhood Dreams?

JJ’s Junior Jumping make pukkah little show jumps for you to erect in your back garden and leap over with your imaginary horses – stripey poles, plain stands and even a filler to make them more formidable. As a purist I’m a little torn – partly because the eight-year-old me would have wanted proper wings, […]