Shetland Ponies out of Fashion?

A long piece in The Shetland Times reports that the economic crisis is putting the pinch on the traditional Shetland pony, and how changing fashions in colour and size of pony are affecting the stalwarts in the isles: Looking around the marts, my first impression is of a sea of red-and-white backs. You’d think Shetland […]

Post-Christmas Trivia

On the 30th at 2pm, BBC Radio 7 broadcasts “Cinderella’s Ponies”, a documentary about 100 Shetland ponies who live in a field off the M4 and perform in pantos around the country every Christmas. Jilly Cooper in the Guardian on Sefton, the Blues and Royals’ horse gravely injured in the 1982 IRA bombing at Hyde […]

Shetland Pony Adventures!

I discovered Kate  Beaton‘s “Shetland Pony Adventure” comic strip last year and immediately printed it out to add to my fridge door (under the whinnying horse magnet my mother bought me the other Christmas). I didn’t realise that this was only the first installment! Lisa keyed me in. More Shetland Pony Adventures can be found […]