If Wishes Were Horses: March of the Pink Hooves

Pink pink pink at Olympia in 2006, although I was too mesmerised to get any good shots of the showjumping. The NYT piece by Peggy Orenstein that I mentioned in the chapter is here, and you can see photos of the horrible, “sexy” Struts pony toys on Princess Sparkle Pony’s blog. Thank you to Dominique […]

Today in Kitsch Pony News

Thanks to Ed for alerting me to this controversy, in which Selena Gomez, apparently a popstar with the temerity to date another popstar, Justin Bieber, made a video featuring a white horse painted pink. A third popstar, actually called Pink, objected to this, with back up from the idiotic PETA. Because lots of girls hate […]

Pony Looks

I was mulling a post on MLP after seeing this video of the Christmas 2010 ponies which seem to be split between (1) a skinny pony with a round, human-skull for a head, reminiscent of a Hollywood starlet in “lollipop” mode, and (2) humanoid creatures which play tennis on their hind legs. Hasbro’s last crack […]

Pink Pony

Who’s this? Saffy, a pony that the Bury Free Press says was rescued from a Knightsbridge stables by Jennie Richardson for a glorious life in pink. She has her own stall (not as in stable) on Portobello Road market, and will be offering carriage rides and rag and bone services in Kensington and Chelsea. Oh, […]