What Do Horses Mean In New York?

I’ve been hoofing around New York and DC in the pursuit of a holiday and book two (which will be out in, ooooooh, 2015?). Shanks’ Mare and I saw a surprising number of equines on our travels, although we missed the zebra and pony on the loose on Staten Island. Books two and three are about – among many things – the way that humans think about horses and use them both physically and mentally. Here’s a visual collage of New York horses (minus police officers and the urban cowboys of Queens) in November 2012 (with thanks to Helen for the 86th Street Pegasus):

Clothes Horses

I once had a chat with a US journalist who was working on a theory that animals cycled in and out of fashion in t-shirt designs. Birds were big at the time, but he said there was an increasing focus on owls in particular. When it’s not birds, it’s horses (never pigs or cows, but wolves had a ‘moment‘). So, in what passes for trend-spotting around here, I’ve noticed two horsey tees in a row. This, from my friend Slaminsky, and a forty-quid Pegasus number at Top Shop. I think I’ll wait for the sale…