Supporting the Hunt

HUNTING–Gentlemen suffering from weakness and strain in the thigh, &c, should wear COL LOWTHER’S HUNTING BAND, the only article that keeps its position during the most violent exertion. Descriptive circulars of many articles suited for persons who follows field sports and require support, post free. SPARKS and SON, Patent Truss and Surgical Bandage Maker,28 Conduit-street, […]

Upstairs, Downstairs

“I once caught an abigail in an English house pirouetting before the cheval-glass, dressed in my riding-breeches, and grinning delightedly with a hand on either side of her waist. By way of punishment, I made her divest herself of the trifles in my presence, and by doing so found that she had augmented the evil […]

Equine Aviation Pioneers

Anapka, the Russian donkey* who inadvertantly became the first equid to parasail, may or may not be comforted to know that she had antecedents. “We ought also, perhaps, to notice a curious ascent made by Mr Green on July 29, 1828, from The Eagle Tavern, City Road, on the back of a favourite pony. Underneath […]