Here Comes the Cavalry!

Every year the Household Cavalry holidays in Norfolk, my home county. The annual paddle in the sea at Holkham is a press favourite, but not so many people know about the show they hold in Thetford. I went for the first time last Saturday with Mum and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, even if we were […]

Want to Name Some Soon-to-be-Famous Horses?

Of course you do. Because naming horses is probably the best horse-free but horse-mad activity out there. And you have two chances to help out: The Household Cavalry is looking for names that begin with an “M” for 30 news mares and geldings that will complete their training in 2012. You can make your suggestions […]

Royal Wedding

I was lucky enough to watch the wedding at the British Embassy here in Berlin, with a rather distinguished audience who did, thank goodness, respond loudly to the goings-on so it was a bit like watching it with friends or family. They burst into laughter whenever Harry was in shot, “ooooh’d” at The Dress and […]