If Wishes Were Horses: Saving Beauty

Ann Lindo’s Horse Trust, Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary, the Horse Rescue Fund and World Horse Welfare are just some of Britain’s great horse rescues. I have to put in a special shout out for the Horse Rescue Fund. Established in the 1960s by a family who wanted to make a difference, they are part of the […]

“And a Grisly New Year…”

mutilated pony found in Hampshire ditch, police say “it would appear that its body has been mutilated to prevent it from being identified or its owners traced.” filly with broken neck found in Buckinghamshire. “It was emaciated, had a broken neck and both hind legs were bound together and the rope tied to a gatepost. […]

When Little Girls with Scissors Meet Ponies

This pony belongs to the Horse Rescue Fund in Norfolk, and the little girl at his loan home had decided to tidy him up before he went back to them. I hope to write more about the HRF in the future as they’re one of the longer established horse rescues and part of the fabric […]