Iron Horses

Such beauty! The French company Théatre du Centaure have been appearing in French railways stations to promote their work and add a shot of ineffable romance to peoples’ day. Thank you to PegaseBuzz for these wonderful videos. The man’s horse looks like a statue come to life.    

Flying Sidesaddle

In my post on my first sidesaddle lesson I mentioned that, in the nineteenth century, women might have been confined to sitting aside (apart from a few eccentrics who rode cross-saddle) but it didn’t stop them from matching male riders on the Fred and Ginger principle. Everything you do but backwards and on high heels, […]

The Royal Post

Here’s the work of a contemporary circus écuyère who performs both as a haute école rider and as an écuyère de panneau. Géraldine-Katharina Knie is part of a circus dynasty which originated in the early nineteenth century, and here she presents a trick variously called The Royal Post, The Hungarian Post or The Courier of […]