The Mustang Problem: $67 Million a Year to Keep Wild Horses in Pens?

“They are a symbol of the American West, but do we need 35,000 symbols of the American West?” Nathaniel Messer, professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Missouri, quoted in the NYT in September 2010.   Horses are well habituated to much of the North American landscape. After all, it was in the forests […]

Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

Billionaire Roman Abramovich has purchased Pringle, one of the best showjumping ponies in the UK, for his daughter Irina. (Daily Telegraph) Mustang round-ups in the US are halted after video evidence of abuse of the horses is presented (Salt Lake Tribune) The owner of a pit bull that chased a police horse for a mile-and-a-half […]

Stop Round Ups of Mustangs and Burros in America

The Humane Society of the United States is asking for signatures to stop the removal of wild equines from open land in America by the Bureau of Land Management. Sign here. More on the background here.