Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

Questions are raised over the treatment of horses on film and TV show sets. Are trainers’ welfare concerns being overruled? (LA Times) A “horse palace” in Montreal seeks donors for a makeover. (Montreal Gazette) A woman “gives birth to a pony” during a church service in Nigeria. (PM News) Lady Gaga arrived at the launch […]

Prime Cuts

A strong stomach is required for this ESPN documentary on illegal horse slaughter in Florida. In a sentimental, somewhat classist gesture, new legislation in the state will make it a greater offence to kill a thoroughbred than a bog-standard beast. Racehorses are not exactly rare, and that’s precisely why they are being auctioned off for […]

Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

Thank you to Susan for sending me a link to this piece on horse prints in fashion at Style Bubble. Roo shared this, er, fascinating set of what you might call outsider art portraits of horses smoking cigarettes, for sale now on Craigslist New Orleans. Click now before they’re sold. Ed Ward let me know […]

Hanging Ten on a Horse

“I was taking photos of some of my customers one day and said, ‘I’m bored. Why don’t you stand up or something?’ ” Mattox said, explaining the segue from beach riding to horse-surfing. “The next thing I know, there are people coming from Europe to try this new hot American tourist activity. “It was always a […]

NOT a Bombproof Pony

After From the Miami Herald: ORLANDO, Fla. — Authorities blew up a stuffed pony – determined to be a “suspicious device” – after it was found outside a central Florida school. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office reports that the toy was found near the Waterbridge Elementary School Tuesday morning. No one was allowed in or […]

Forbidden Flesh

I’ve become interested in the trade and tradition of horse meat consumption as part of my research. We ate horses for 90,000 years before we thought to ride them, and yet horse meat is a taboo substance in the Anglo world – very much a case of them vs. us, “civilised” vs. “barbarians”.  I have […]