If Wishes Were Horses: Costessey

I don’t have so many images of the riding school at Costessey, but here’s a link to the Stanford Equestrian Center which features in most of these pictures and where I had my first lessons. Tom Barley’s excellent Costessey website has plenty of stories about the village’s history. This post relates to a chapter of […]

Ponies Past

I just received a proof of the index for my book, If Wishes Were Horses, and thought that if anyone happens to be passing through the interwebs in search of Cringleford Riding School, Willow Cottage Riding School (near Swannington), Top Farm (near Weston Longville), the riding centre at the Red Barn at Stanford  or Costessey […]

Neglect and the Manhattan Carriage Horse

This week a horse that pulled tourist carriages in New York dropped dead in the middle of Manhattan, provoking cries of cruelty and mistreatment. I’m aware that there’s a long-standing campaign to end the practice of using these horses in the city, and that the only other equines in central New York, at the Claremont […]

Blackie the Wonder Horse

Blackie’s claim to fame was doing absolutely nothing. After a sporting career as a cutting horse in the rodeo, he retired to a field in Tiburon, California. He then stood in the same spot, rarely moving and always facing in the same direction, for some 14 years, becoming a local landmark. There is now a […]