Asking a Lama to Skin a Unicorn

I’m waiting for books I’ve ordered in the British Library and have been unable to resist searching the electronic newspaper archives. Here’s today’s treat, courtesy of the Derby Mercury, Wednesday January 10th 1821: “THE UNICORN DISCOVERED Major Latter, commanding in the Rajah of Sikkim’s territories, in the Hilly Country east of Nepal, had addressed to […]

Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

Beauty in the eye of the beholders: an artist creates a horse that grows more real as more people watch it (Wired) Zoos specialise in rare animals. But unicorns? Really? (Cheezburger) The Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, South London (Sky News) For Halloween, a pair of truly twisted […]

First, Catch Your Unicorn

Professor Brian Trump of the British Medieval Cookbook Project has uncovered a recipe collection that features grilled unicorn. Read more and see the priceless photos here. You’ll need cloves, garlic and a griddle. Oh, and don’t eat the horn.         PS. check the date.

Sweet Corn

This really rather cute internet game was devised by a little girl called Cassie and her dad, who provide the game for free but accept any donations that players would like to make towards Cassie’s college fund. Remember, ponycorns are the best thing in the world cuz they’re like ponies AND unicorns!

Princesses on Unicorn Cobs Passing

Delighted to find this sign on the Aylsham–Blickling road in Norfolk – a serendipity after a wrong turning. There was one on each side of the road. I like to think it was doctored as a birthday surprise for someone.


Fan art? Spoof? A My Little Pony fan cut together this video of the trailer for a new computer game called Skyrim with clips from MLP cartoons and created ‘The Elder Scrolls 6: Equestria’. More here from Andy Chalk on The Escapist, who actually knows what he’s talking about (unlike me). It’s almost as good […]

Its Ears Will Terrify

It is said of the three-legged ass that it stands in the middle of the wild sea, and it has three feet, six eyes, nine mouths, two ears and one horn. Its body is white, it eats spiritual food and is virtuous. And two of its six eyes are in the eyes’ place, two on […]