Past Pluperfect Prestissimo Player of the Game

“Ever since he had drifted into India on a troop-ship, taken, with an old rifle, as part payment for a racing debt, The Maltese Cat had played and preached polo to the Skidars’ team on the Skidars’ stony pologround. Now a polo-pony is like a poet. If he is born with a love for the […]


Buzkashi is part of the polo family – an Afghani ancestor of the modern game – although the chapandazan (players) prefer to use a goat carcass and not a ball. Every match is dense with local political significance and scores between war loards settled, refreshed and created anew. Not even the Taliban dared to ban […]

Round Up

Rodeo mules in San Antonio swan dive into water tanks to entertain the paying public. “What’s wrong with a mule diving into a cold pool on a hot day?” asks their trainer. Where to start? A starved, dying horse is dumped in an LA street. Police question locals to find the owners. NFL player Jared […]

Equine Aviation Pioneers

Anapka, the Russian donkey* who inadvertantly became the first equid to parasail, may or may not be comforted to know that she had antecedents. “We ought also, perhaps, to notice a curious ascent made by Mr Green on July 29, 1828, from The Eagle Tavern, City Road, on the back of a favourite pony. Underneath […]

The English Country House

Simsar, a poster on the Horse and Hound forum, loaded up her great-grandfather’s  photos of his time as head groom at Cragside, a stately home in Northumberland now owned by the National Trust. Click here to find the album of 49 photos like this beautiful shot of one of the ladies of the household (I’m […]