Bad Role Model Horses

Abusive showing methods used in the Arabian horse world have now been immortalised by the model horse hobby scene. Snarky Rider (who’s now filling in for Fugly Horse of the Day) is rude about the hobby in this post, but the photo of the handler waving a big stick at the 1980s Hagen Renaker Arab […]

Children’s Party Chic for the Over-Achieving Pony Mother

Blimey. Have a look at the attention to detail and sheer effort that went into creating this “shabby chic vintage pony party“. I remember Horse and Pony magazine’s tips for a pony party that included oat-based treats and carrot sticks. I bet my mum’s glad I didn’t see anything like this when I was eight.

Keeping Large Numbers of Horses during a Recession

HOW NOT TO DO IT: Some 250 horses have been dumped in Bridgend by owners who, it seems, could not afford to feed nor care for them. There are rumours that some have been killed on the roads already, and a few have died of lung infections or starvation. In the photo on the Daily […]