Extraordinary and Startling Appearance of a Runaway Horse at a Tea-Party

EXTRAORDINARY AND STARTLING APPEARANCE OF A RUNAWAY HORSE AT A TEA-PARTY, AT WRAGBY, LINCOLNSHIRE (Subject of Illustration) A scene occurred on Saturday last at Wragby, which we shall find it difficult to describe by mere words; we must, therefore, refer our readers to the front page of this week’s POLICE NEWS. The large engraving gives […]

Talking Horses: “The Cavalier’s brave warlike horse bids them kiss his arse”

Here’s a gem. This salty poem appeared on a pamphlet during the English Civil War, and it pitches the Royalist Cavaliers against the Cromwellian Roundheads through the medium of a fancy, boastful war horse and a humble mill horse or ass. Some tart words are exchanged between these two, reflecting on the ideologies of opposing […]

Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

Beauty in the eye of the beholders: an artist creates a horse that grows more real as more people watch it (Wired) Zoos specialise in rare animals. But unicorns? Really? (Cheezburger) The Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, South London (Sky News) For Halloween, a pair of truly twisted […]

I Think I’ve Found the Model for the US Army’s New Robotic Mule

Thanks to Jane Badger for the link to America Blog and a video of the US Army’s latest combat buddy (seen in action below). I think Kate Beaton should have a cut of the royalties. If you’re curious about Kate’s inspiration for Fat Pony, take a look here.

The Politics of Dressage

The US election is over but how could I forget to blog this October 1st New Yorker cover by Barry Blitt? I’m not sure that a horse with a back that long could pull off a levade, but I’m amused that Mitt’s “dressage horse” appears to be a Lipizzaner. I didn’t even clock that the […]

Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

eBay, I don’t believe you. That never happened in my daydreams. Right, on with a long overdue HHLHL! I’ve been busy organising a research trip for book two but the horse world went on turning, and lovely people have been sending me links, so enjoy this extra special post whose diversity reminds me why I’m […]

Are You a Luxury Horse?

“Jij bent een luxepaardje!” Trans: “You little luxury horse!” Dutch phrase for chiding someone with expensive tastes (ie having rocket in their cheese sandwich). Thank you to my linguist/translator friend Nick for this excellent insight into the Dutch psyche and language. I plan to use “luxury horse” on all fitting occasions from now onwards.   […]