Hermaphroditism in Horses

When is a mare not a mare? South African racing authorities have just reclassified a filly called Tuesday’s Child as a colt after post-race checks showed a raised testosterone count. Nothing to do with dodgy injections or rum dealings: Tuesday’s Child is a male pseudo-hermaphrodite, and he had his breeder, owner and trainer fooled. I’ve […]

The Myth of the Wild Zebra

The Chronicle of the Horse interviewed a Texan woman called Sammi Jo Stohler who has schooled her zebra to jump: “As I was training horses, I kept hearing, ‘You can’t train zebras, they’re untrainable.’ I said, ‘Why?’ To say something is untrainable implies that it can’t learn, and we all know that if they couldn’t […]


Sealskin will no longer be used for sporran manufacture. It’ll be ponyskin instead. Anthropologie has a very pretty catalogue full of very pretty clothes and a whole heap of pretty horses. A South African pony called Bertie kicked a pit bull in the head after it attacked his nads. Champion racemare Sariska has been retired […]