Iron Horses

Such beauty! The French company Théatre du Centaure have been appearing in French railways stations to promote their work and add a shot of ineffable romance to peoples’ day. Thank you to PegaseBuzz for these wonderful videos. The man’s horse looks like a statue come to life.    

Salvos Across the Equine Gene Pool: a Reader

This is not so much a post as a string of links to some interesting, thought-provoking essays elsewhere and a question: what is “pure blood” and should it matter? Let me explain. Roughly speaking, until the nineteenth century and even the twentieth century, the vast majority of horses and ponies in the West were not […]

The Royal Post

Here’s the work of a contemporary circus écuyère who performs both as a haute école rider and as an écuyère de panneau. Géraldine-Katharina Knie is part of a circus dynasty which originated in the early nineteenth century, and here she presents a trick variously called The Royal Post, The Hungarian Post or The Courier of […]