Here Comes the Cavalry!

Every year the Household Cavalry holidays in Norfolk, my home county. The annual paddle in the sea at Holkham is a press favourite, but not so many people know about the show they hold in Thetford. I went for the first time last Saturday with Mum and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, even if we were […]

Save Money on Rubbish Collection – with Horses

From Anthony Dent’s Donkey: The Story of the Ass From East to West. Dent was born in 1915 in North Yorkshire, just to orient you. ‘When I was a child in a small coastal resort in the North-east the most senior employees of our local council were two old men and a donkey, who between […]

Maxi Cob

Bexley residents voted for this beautiful steel statue of a gypsy cob by Andy Scott to be installed on an industrial-estate roundabout. Here he is in a blaze of lights, and here you can see him under construction.  The Belvedere Cob is a tribute to the local travelling community, which has deep roots. Andy Scott […]