Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

eBay, I don’t believe you. That never happened in my daydreams. Right, on with a long overdue HHLHL! I’ve been busy organising a research trip for book two but the horse world went on turning, and lovely people have been sending me links, so enjoy this extra special post whose diversity reminds me why I’m […]

Paper Horses

Thank you to Tony for sending me this link to a New York Times piece on Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield’s work. She makes three-dimensional paper sculptures of animals – including horses and pegasi – which are featherlight, substantial and full of movement. There’s a fine “race horse” here and a boxed Whistlejacket which I think […]

Bits and Bobs

English50cent translates for 50cent Tetley Tea gives a Spanish gelding called Sydney a lifetime supply of tea A new brumby recycling guide Ebony Horse Club wins an FEI award Mysterious theft of Montana horses’ manes and tails Equine behaviouralists discover that some horses act as “peacemakers” in the herd Mutilating a horse for fashion’s sake, […]