The Horses of Baltimore

Horse-drawn wagons are used for recycling collection in some Belgian and French cities – a great way to preserve heavy horse breeds that might otherwise die out or be used for meat alone. Baltimore in the States has also preserved horse-drawn deliveries – once, of course, universal – as a way of getting fresh fruit and veg to people who might otherwise have difficulty obtaining it. Find out more at the Arabber Preservation Society.

2 thoughts on “The Horses of Baltimore

  1. I remember the Arabbers coming to my street when I was a kid – yelling out “Straaawberries!” etc. Very cool that they are still there. (I was a kid in the 70s – btw.)

    • Very cool indeed. I wonder if “Arabber” comes from the Victorian English term “Street Arab”, which, back in the day, meant a homeless child, but could have gone through a few mutations to be a street vendor.

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