Holding My Horses

Horses, Mongolia.

Horses, Mongolia.

Sometimes I have these daydreams about, you know, really sorting out the blog and having regular features, or an interview series, or book reviews. Making it a news source rather than an overflowing drawer of newspaper clippings and bits and bobs I couldn’t use in my books. Then I remember how much time it takes to blog well, do my sums and realise it can’t be. That’s why you have to put up with my randomness.
I have a huge amount to do this month with the book so the blog will be shuttered for a while to give me a chance to crack on. Have fun with the archives in the meantime, or check on Facebook for news, and I hope to emerge in February!

5 thoughts on “Holding My Horses

  1. Susanna, thank you so much for the book, I loved it and recognised much in common from galloping around the school yard to jumping fences for miles on endless car journeys. Good luck with the new venture. Fiona h.

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