Whole Heap of Little Horse Links

Berlin: Pippi Longstocking street art.

Berlin: Pippi Longstocking street art.

  • A blogger who actually bothered to look up peer-reviewed papers on the nutrition content of horse meat. (Suppversity)
  • London pubs serve horse meat burgers. Soon we’ll have customers discovering that their horse meat burgers are in fact made of cheap beef. (Metro)
  • The Roswell, New Mexico slaughter plant is slated to open in three weeks. (Bloomberg) They won’t sell the meat in the US (CNN). Questions are being riased over food safety at the plant (NYT)
  • A new bipartisan bid to ban horse slaughter in the US at federal level (Politico)
  • Would you want 700 wild horses living nextdoor to you? (Montana Standard)
  • A breeder of Exmoor ponies says she gave a foal that had to be euthanised due to a broken leg to a friend to cook and eat. (Daily Record)
  • Some complete idiot photoshopped an image of a My Little Pony into a notorious photograph of the Warsaw ghetto (Heeb Magazine)
  • A horse whisperer who doesn’t bother with whispering, just neighs. And horses come running. The dream of every pony-mad girl! (The Sun)
  • A brief history of a horse breed you’ve never heard of: the Florida Cracker. (Tallahassee.com)

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