Flying Side-saddle with the Foxes

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I had a wonderful, wonderful day in February with the Flying Foxes Side-saddle Display Team – aka The St Trinians of side-saddle – at Audley End for a forthcoming Telegraph piece (will run on the 24th March 2012). Here’s a behind the scenes slide show that gives you an idea of what a team effort the photoshoot was! Well done to my mum for capturing all these moments.

Thanks to the Flying Foxes who not only gave me a horse, a habit and a lesson, but were also stellar company. Thanks to Audley End for letting us mash up the lawn. Thanks to the photographer Daniel Jones and the Telegraph. Please overlook my use of double reins as it was the first time I’d ridden with anything other than a snaffle. I hope Henry forgave me – he was a very generous soul and he got two enormous carrots for his pains.

Get in touch with Becca Holland at Audley End if you fancy a day’s introduction to side-saddle, and do enjoy the slideshow and the Flying Foxes own site and Facebook page.

Published by Susanna Forrest

Author of The Age of the Horse: an Equine Journey Through Human History and If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of Equine Obsession.

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