Today in Kitsch Pony News

Thanks to Ed for alerting me to this controversy, in which Selena Gomez, apparently a popstar with the temerity to date another popstar, Justin Bieber, made a video featuring a white horse painted pink. A third popstar, actually called Pink, objected to this, with back up from the idiotic PETA. Because lots of girls hate anyone who dates Justin Bieber, the entire episode snowballed into wild accusations of animal cruelty, and the pink pony was withdrawn. Meanwhile, thousands of ponies globally had a genuinely miserable time, but nobody paid attention.

The ascension of the pony to kitsch artefact continues apace, as another celebrity called Kim Kardashian posed with glittered-up ponies to celebrate her engagement, of all things. Apparently imminent marriage = regression to childhood innocence. Who knew!

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